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I was 16 or so...in my room , I was unable to move or scream...a luminous white being of light/energy was in m doorway...it’s light did not radiate beyond itself though because I remember seeing the nightlight lightbulb above it in the small foyer...it rushed to me with incredible speed and it felt as if it passed through me or something.. I felt it impact my chest area... Then was able to move etc..awesome and frightening experience...could have been sleep paralysis...maybe, only episode like this I have had so far 

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Walls are cement Blocks painted white. ceiling height is 10 feet . About 6 feet away is a water fountain ...I got my Arm over my eyes to

Block the Neon lights above ! It's 9 PM ... Snow out there but the Temp. here is always 70 . I am sleeping Next to a cold cement wall ...

A Small figure size of a finger flew from the wall and stopped right in front of my face , in the middle of Air ! It looked like Tinker Bell

from children's books ! It was going toward the water fountain when it noticed my eyes are  open and looking ! It pulled her legs in , 

laughed ( Giggled ) ! I could see her Dragon Fly looking wings , she even had her Blond hair up  !  She Paused in the Middle of Air for a

split second  and Flew back to the wall ! I immediately touched the wall where she went in , but it was solid ! I am willing to take lie

detecting  test .... I saw , what I saw and it was only 5 to six inches away from my eyes and the room was lit ! The story belongs to 

10 years ago .... I asked a remote viewer to look into it and she saw the same thing ! Thinker Bell .spacer.png


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