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  2. Well that was a complicated image. But interesting to do! Cool smooth soft dry smooth but grainey lights and darks luminosity yes glows lavendar white peach med. dark green Orientation - felt like I was looking down and out. Complicated horizontal top half and bottom half angles small open airy pattern two parts upper and lower black, white lavender drk green up and down movement flows l/s Well that is about it on this one ...I am surprised I did not
  3. Yes, Jules, you got the basic feel of it. Lots of little organic things. Nice.
  4. I’m fairly satisfied..didn’t know why I got rue...the definition I just looked up...giggles
  5. Yesterday
  6. I love this one! So weird. Interesting how each one had a somewhat different experience. Then to have a themed costume party ....
  7. Very challenging target..I didn’t get to it...bad Julie..next time
  8. Last minute ..crappy conditions..took the pic of the envelope I used in the dark...giggles...what is it buddy always says..try RV in strange circumstances...you know...challenges...hope I hit something ✌🏼😘😁🥂
  9. Last week
  10. Thanks for posting Genise. Some good sensory and dimensional contact with a challenging target.
  11. Hi everyone, I did do this target but haven't had time, due to visiting family to sit down and write some of it out. I have to say that I did not feel that I got anything but as I review it just some small pieces seem to come through. Of course did not even get a circle! Oh well on to next target...g warm smooth dry deep blue white contrast texture blue white dark brown luminous contrast of light and dark water orientation- closed shapes angular vibration -slow Purpose: Hit the mark SA: Car
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  13. The place was Dickson Mounds...just thought I would add that
  14. My first husband David and I had been on a prehistoric earthworks trip...we did a lot of them..we were returning home it was dark and this trip had upset me somewhat..the location had excavated a mound leaving the skeletons in place and built a museum over them..as soon as I walked into it I told David..this is so wrong, we shouldn’t be here. The actual visit other than my misgivings was uneventful..anyway we were on flat country roads heading back to Indiana when in the middle of nowhere is a detour, road blocks and all , so we took the posted detour...nearly immediately we were enveloped in
  15. Well my dear it does show! Can't wait to see what you do next!!
  16. land natural manmade live/sentient thought/Info warm cream rust lights/darks ambiance/ old diagonal (hard to see) large massive thick diagonal repeat diagonals paralleogram vibration old quanity man texture -sand like **an important place that will change history (like I have no idea where this is at?...) intermingled humanity past future future past an anomali blue lavendar pink etheral Purpose a discovery that has a lot of info, but not all is being rev
  17. Wow Julie that is awesome! Great drawing!
  18. Describe the target. Feedback on April 11th. Good luck!
  19. Thanks Julie, love doing remote viewing! Have you been able to do some targets. I love to see what everyone else gets or not. It is the drawing part that always gets me...
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