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Reptoids Are Real

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Hi, I started this topic to let others know that reptoids or reptilian people are not just a fabrication. If you have seen one, you are not alone.

Here is my personal experience:

Many years ago a woman came to my home studio for an art tour (I'm a professional artist) and revealed her true form by shifting from her human disguise to a reptoid being right in front of me. She did not harm me, and probably showed her true form in the kindest way possible. The image I saw was so disturbing and unexpected, that it took me an entire year before I told anyone.

The back story on this is that this woman was a well-known psychic in Las Vegas. She had a psychic show at one of the casinos, although I never saw it. I contacted her originally, to receive a private reading at her home, and a second reading within a year. The third visit with her was at my place where she shape-shifted. Why did she do this? I believe that it was because I knew she was different and kept asking internally "What are you?" and she could hear me. FYI - I did not know about reptoids/reptilians at the time.

What I saw:

In my studio, this woman stood about two feet in front of me and slowly turned her head so that I could see her in profile. Then she dropped her guise and went from an older middle-aged human to a reptoid being. In that form, her brow was much larger and protruding, her chin elongated quite a bit, her skin was made of grey-green scales, her nose was pushed down and hooked, she was bald except for a few long strands of hair toward that back of her head. Her eyes became all black (even the whites), and she was stooped over as if she were naturally much taller than her human form. It was almost like a witch/crone visage but with scaly skin. Frightening to see. She held it long enough for me to get a good look and then turned back to face me in her human disguise.

The woman left soon after that but I noticed that she had a slight grin on her face. I never saw her again. Years later, when curiosity overcame my fear, I looked her up online so that I could ask questions. What I found was her obituary. My assumption is that she felt brave enough to show me her real form right before she died because why not. Her name was Marlene Lombardi, and you can look her up.

Side note: When I finally started telling people about this, I noticed a strange behavior. Many people get a trance-like blurriness over their eyes and seem to listen to my info, but not register it intellectually. This zoning out might be fear, but I suspect it is some kind of mass programming that humans have endured, making us automatically block certain types of information. Now that I've researched these beings, it seems logical that the same methods they use to disguise their form could also be used to hypnotically affect what we think. Wish I could ask one of them about this.

I'm interested in hearing what other people have seen and their thoughts on what I have shared. Thanks.


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Thanks for sharing that detailed and compelling account of your reptilian encounter. You've given me a lot to think about as well as the rest of the forum members. There are most likely many types of lifeforms around us that we're not aware of, and even less likely to talk about should we interact with one.

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