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Best Dog to Protect Against Cow Mutilations

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I feel that some dogs like humans have a better aptitude for psychic detection.  I had a little schizu/chow rescue dog who had the ability to detect others.  Abby was able to detect family members coming home miles before they came to the front door with a special bark for each family member that she proudly announced to the household.  Abby lived to be 15 years old.

She announced family members she liked and didn't like.  For example, my daughter had a friend from high school that was homeless after his parent passed.  So he came to live with us.  Unfortunately, he did not pass the Abby test and she would announce his upcoming arrival with a special dog growl miles before he arrived.  

She did not detect the arrival of others with a scent or her hearing.  She used her special psychic ability!!  Because there was no way she could have done so otherwise!!

I feel in my personal opinion that a dog with psychic ability that is encouraged by her human owners would be a great asset to any cattle owner and home.



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