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Italian Veterans saved by Big Foot during World War I

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I have an interesting Big Foot story from my temporary Italian care giver.  She got training to be a health aide in Italy when she was in her 20s.  While in training she took care of a World War I veteran who had a Big Foot story.

This vet was with his unit fighting the Nazis until they ran out of bullets.   So they ran to a cave.  They stayed in the cave for an extended period of time and were starving and praying due to lack of food.  They became very weak then went into a “fugue” state.  Then suddenly they saw Big Foot or in Italian “zio”.  Then immediately they saw an intensely bright light.  Then they were suddenly filled with energy and got a psychic message to run out of the cave and go directly to some potatoes to grab for food and take back into the cave.  They were invisible to the Nazis and their bullets.  Their lives were saved by Big Foot!  My friend said miracles like this happened repeatedly to these veterans.  The veteran had told her this story in the 1970s.

Big Foot was is famous In Europe!

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