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Here is a recent youtube video by Preston Dennet on BIg Foot encounters in California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2D0w_wQpRY


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It occurred to me after watching it and hearing so many people describe smelling a noxious skunk like odor during encounters with these creatures, that perhaps they have a similar defensive mechanism as skunks to warn off potential predators.... us humans! What do you think?

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Fusion process...  A process used in tasks like going invisible, or shimmery, thus causing this side effect which smells stanky (sulfur/rotten egs)?  I've read your book and that resonates well with me, as they probably go "stealth" as soon as they are aware of our presence.  Get too close, and here come the rocks, the tree snaps, the wood knocks, and oh yes, the feeling of outright FEAR and dread.  

I've another thought to add, in the same way Sabe can "mind speak" (telepathy), or when they audibly roar/scream, it is reported that one feels an actual resonance thumping in one's own chest cavity, as if it's made you it's matching tuning fork.  What if the Sabe can mind speak a SMELL into your head?  Your skunk idea, without the mess....

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