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Lost in a mysterious fog

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My first husband David and I had been on a prehistoric earthworks trip...we did a lot of them..we were returning home it was dark and this trip had upset me somewhat..the location had excavated a mound leaving the skeletons in place and built a museum over them..as soon as I walked into it I told David..this is so wrong, we shouldn’t be here. The actual visit other than my misgivings was uneventful..anyway we were on flat country roads heading back to Indiana when in the middle of nowhere is a detour, road blocks and all , so we took the posted detour...nearly immediately we were enveloped in the thickest fog I had ever ridden a car in and I again became distressed but David was completely engrossed in trying to see and drive..it felt more like the fog was moving passed us to me and I couldn’t see anything but fog outside.. I can’t really describe how uneasy I felt.. but the really bizarre thing is that we ended up back at the same detour first encountered and the fog was gone..hours had passed...we had to take the detour again but no fog this time ...I’m not sure what happened that night, just thought I would share.

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