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RV#22-14143 Missing Army Veteran Andrew Chase Castillo

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U.S. Army veteran Andrew went missing near the VA Hospital on September 9, 2022.  His mother created a youtube on Christmas Day asking people to help her find him.  She also put same request on Waxahachie Neighborhood App.  Consequently a Viet Nam era Navy friend (assumed name Bill) and I (Army Vetertan) used our Remote Viewing skills to help this mom to find her son.  Since this case had similarities to the Paulides movie Missing 411: The UFO Connection, I organized notes into profile points created by Paulides:

Profile point 1 - No scent trail

Profile point 2 - Lack of tracks

Profile point 3 - Weather - Christmas 2022 was a cold one.  The morning low at DFW Airport dropped to 23 degrees which was the coldest morning since 2004 when low was 19 degrees.  30s to 40s around midday anad into mid 40s for afternoon.

Profile point - near water, Trinity River and Trinity River Bridge nearby

Profile Point 5 - Loss of personal items N/A

Profile Point 6 - Chase is a young male 31 years old and healthy

Summary:  I (Leslie Jordan) remote viewed location of missing veteran Chase on 12.26/22 at 4:48 pm CST.  I sensed a blue wavy line for energy and water.  I also sensed black vertical lines in the wavy line.  It looks like there is an organic and then I saw rectangle for something manmade.  Then my Navy veteran friend Bill remote viewed Chase and saw in a vision of Chase ith his eyes closed and that he was dazed and confused.  It seemed like he was a good kid but got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Then Bill astraal projected to location of Chase and sensed he was once there but no longer there.  Initially something unknown was blocking Bill and keeping him from astraal projecting to location of Chase but then he was successful in getting to prior Chase location.  Bill saw the location of the hiking trail under the Trinity River Bridge but did not see Chase.  Bill said that there were a lot of trail in that location but no one on them.  Bill said that it looked like one could get across Dallas quickly using the trails.  I googled Trinity River Dallas bodies found and saw that one dead body was found there yearly.

In conclusion Bill and felt that since no evidence has been found as to what happened to Chase that case mus be a "Missing 411" case as described by David Paulides in his movie "Missing 411: The UFO Connection."  Since bodies are found around Trinity River yearly we feel that the TRINITY RIVER BRIDGE must be an EXIT POINT FOR USO'S  as described in the Paulides UFO Missing Connection Christmas Special.  What do you think?  What can we do to find Chase?

Missing person notice.png


Surrounding area.png

close view.png

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I just reported that Army veteran Chase Castillo to American Legion meeting today.  They took notes and will let me know if they find anything out.  Also, my friend Buddy Bolton remote viewed where he might be and felt that he connected with him downtown today.  So I called Chase's mom and let her know what I have done.  She definitely has not found him yet.  But since Buddy sensed that Chase was downtown, I suggested that he might be in "deep Ellum" downtown Dallas where all all of the bars and restaurants are.  He may be working there perhaps.  Fortunately, it seems like this 31 year old man is alive.  I hope and pray we find him since he does have mental issues.

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