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Why weren't you here to catch me?

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Earlier Dr. Hine was talking about how RV could be  used.  I mentioned that I found RV to be helpful in raising my child as a single mother and also as a special education teacher with 20 years experience.  Many times as a teacher I could predict that something was going to happen with a student and move to prevent it, due to RV skills.

However, one day my young daughter (who is ADHD) decided to jump off the balcony of our two story apartment without thinking of the consequences.  As a young single mother and special education teacher, I had no idea she would do that.  Fortunately, she did not break any bones but was very sore.  After I helped her up off the grass, she told me she was very angry at me.  I asked why.  She told me that she could not understand why I wasn't there to catch her after she jumped from balcony.   Children are not always realistic.  I wish I knew more about RV skills then.



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