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Target 4369 8375

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Now this was an interesting target.  I think that I got stuck up at the top part and did SA a boat dock.  But was too focused on those round rivets.




hard and soft

texture -smooth

contrast not strong

green light and drk


movement flows

Ambience  -something that you don't see everyday




small circles

mass thick movement ....like in unison

l/s that moves and works together

shape like a texture that moves and flows together, especially when touched...

slow gentle


50ft up movement unperceptable  (again think am stuck on those blue round things)

Purpose:  Intergration of organic and inorganic so it can perform..movement

***that was a really interesting target  even though my consciousness was stuck on those blue round things.  My Ap was a plane and Sa was a boat dock.  So I guess I did pick up a few other things but didn't like looking down....


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Thanks Genise, yes it's very easy to get stuck on repetitive patterns in a target like the blue rivets, but they're also easier to pick up on. As you know, it's called a "repeat motif" when there's a repeating pattern or shape in a target. You did a good job on the colors too and of course "slow gentle", "flows" would fit with the water and overall feel of the river scene.

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