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Dr. Mark Greer


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I was reading your book.. Dark Matter...and was web searching and came up with this astrophysicists and his theory and it reminded me of what you were saying in your book. (The worldwide alternative theories and critics). According to his theory, The laws of physics have evolved over time because of the mathematical start at  (0). Basically, How did we start from 0 and get to where we are today if we assume the beginning was dark and void of everything,and that represented a mathematical zero. You were talking about how they (CMPs)  may have been here so long they evolved over time to cloak and such. Makes sense. Our laws of physics just don't apply to them!? The new theory suggest that While the quantum world void Of the laws of physics, the newly created unresolved forces are also void of physical laws. This raw form of energy enters our world without having any uniform laws of physics. Anyways, just a thought about you and your book. Thanks! Great book!

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