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Operation Dominic UFO/USO witness David Noble Whitecrow

Simeon Hein

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David will be with us again to provide an update his sightings of UFOs/USOs during the 1950s-60s Operation Dominic nuclear weapons tests in the South Pacific ocean while he was aboard the USS Finch and later the Nimitz.

This is the incredible, new story of David Noble who served on the USS Finch and later the USS Nimitz from 1960-80. While onboard the Finch in 1962, he was ordered on deck to observe a huge, cigar-shaped craft come near his ship and crash into the water during one of the nuclear weapons tests in 1962 as part of Operation Dominic. He later encountered the diver who was sent down to investigate and actually touched the submerged object. The diver said he saw moving humanoid shadows inside the 200-yard long vehicle. (All images are in the public domain.)


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