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Ghost Hauntings

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When I was in college at UT, Austin in my 20s, I had rented an apartment.  One night all electricity turned off in the complex and the outside temperature was in the 100s.  I fell asleep finally when the air cooled off at night.  Then I felt paralyzed and could not move.  Suddenly the air in my room became freezing cold, so cold that when I breathed, I could see the frosty air come out of my mouth.  Then as lay there, I saw a figure floating over me and move inside me, it felt like this entity was trying to possess me.  Finally I was able to force myself up.  I went to the apartment manager who couldn't sleep and asked him to inspect my apartment.  Then he got really cold, was shivering like me and could see the frosty air come out of his mouth.  He was equally terrified.  Finally, he confessed that the resident before was an old man who had passed asleep all alone the day before I had moved in!  A ghost was trying to possess me!  The apartment manager helped me move out immediately that night.  He said he would use the freezing apartment as storage,

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