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Remote Viewing Mars

Leslie Jordan

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On October 11, 2021 I remote viewed Mars as part of a group called Remote Viewing Practice Targets.  I saw Ebens working in lava tubes. Then I posted a copy of a lava tube on earth that was similar to what I saw.  As a response a Chris Niemack responded that my remote viewing of Mars could be illegal and an act of espionage.  He explained that if a viewed a military base and obtained classified information in my session and shared it with others, I could commit espionage.  He did a good job of intimidating me.  I felt like I was back in the Army about to be courtmartialed.  Thank God I have been honorably discharged.  Then I asked him how would the arrest warrant look for me.  Would I be arrested for remote viewing a base on Mars?  How would that press react to a 72 year old grandma who remote viewed a military base on Mars?  I hope Dr. Hein can give us some tips on how to keep from getting in trouble.  



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