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  1. Is it possible we can look at 'ivermectin', the drug?

    1. Julie Farrell

      Julie Farrell

      You can look at anything anywhere anywhen...whether or not Sim wants to make a target of it is a different matter..entirely up to him..glad to have you here though..welcome ❤️😁🏼

    2. Jean Turner

      Jean Turner

      Thank you Jx


  2. They are so cute! The little red heart on the neck collar my mind saw as massive and associated the smell immediately jumping to a volcano. Certainly, looking after this trio is explosive to any heart and would surely erupt the most protected of volcanic stone. Me floating between the volcano and clouds is how it actually is.
  3. I got it was a BBQ in a garden? Smoke, black and white was obviously the sky.
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