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RV targets for class members.
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  2. Thanks for posting Leslie. Great job on the target.
  3. Summary Phase 5: In 1985 close to time of Ronald Reagan in Arizona I perceive a very bright hot and shiny manmade object in the sun. The rays of sun are so hot that they appear to go up and down like zig zags in the sun and then calm down to waves at the top of horizen. Then after color the sky turns entirely white. What is energy and purpose of manmade object? Reveal: Led Zepplin in 1977 is playing Kashmir with bright white lights in Seattle, Washington.
  4. Target 28405094.pdfTarget 28405094.pdfTarget 28405094.pdf Phase 5 Summary:Target appears to be a UFO moving slowly in Arkansas in 6/1/2023. UFO is a shiny metal color. It seems to be curious. I tseems to stretch out as it moves.
  5. Target Summary: I feel ethat I am observing an object out of phase or in camouflage that is emitting a lot of frequencies that turn blue andd red. Object is searching with much energy from right to left. There appears to be a search sensor up front that is causingg forward movement through a type of undulent motion forcing itself forward. It is not a flowing or easy moving movement. It is a forced morement . It is searching with much determination. It may be a spy drone that is clocked through a phase technology, so it does not appear in a solid form. Location is Ioway.
  6. I see two hard coils with white streaks in middle. They appears to have the purpose of being two ships flying through space and time with lots of energy.
  7. I t appears there intelligent life. There appears to to be a wet, cold, clamy aquatic life swimming in water with much energy. It appears to be a black form with a white background.
  8. Target 12191713 I saw 1/2 double blue left parallel cold rectangles, open on right side. The triangles represented a flying structure that was very cold.
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